Biological treatment for habitations (5 to 20 PE) or groups of houses and communities (20 PE to 2000 PE)

Zuko is, in Benelux, the exclusive provider of the biological purification sytem of wastewater, Zuk-O-Pur LF, based on a modern technology installed in more than 100 locations, in Europe and other continents, for individuals, communities and industries. Zuk-O-Pur LF stations offer comfort, safety and the same advantages as a traditional system: clear water compliant with local regulations and environmentally friendly throughout the process.

Our units come in a single tank until 10 PE (Population Equivalent). For houses or buildings with higher pollution, two containers or more are required. We define with you, on site, the best location and technical solution.

In Wallonia, the technologies that we offer have the certification that allows subsidies. Zuko also helps you with the administrative work, before and after the works, so you can benefit from subsidies or tax exemptions.

Every situation is of course particular, grouping houses can reduce investment and maintenance costs. In every case, the clear water will comply with norms for discharging in surface water.

We offer maintenance contracts, in compliance with regulations in the Region where the system has been installed. A poorly designed system has many disadvantages: high operation and maintenance costs, inefficiency of the system, breakdowns, stopping, leaks, odours, presence of untreated matters in discharged water, negative environmental impact and many more.

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