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References Zuk-O-Pur LF : Installations of individual treatment plant with fixed bed biomass in Belgium

References Zuk-O-Pur LF: Installation of individual treatmant plants with fixed bed biomass outsitde of Belgium

Installation of individual treatment plants from partners in Belgium

Other tanks (septic tanks, rainwater tanks, hydrocarbon separators, ... )

Pumping stations

Studies and design


  • Pumping station Pumping station
  • WWTP with soil infiltration WWTP with soil infiltration
  • Swimming pond Swimming pond
  • Zuk-O-Pur LF Zuk-O-Pur LF
  • Grebs, Germany Grebs, Germany
  • Zuk-O-Pur LF Zuk-O-Pur LF
  • Rainwater filtration Rainwater filtration
  • Abbey Averbode Abbey Averbode
  • Camping Kampenhout Camping Kampenhout
  • Pumping station RSG Pumping station RSG
  • Pump station Rhode Pump station Rhode
  • STEP Charleroi STEP Charleroi
  • Pumping Station - KSB Pumping Station - KSB
  • WTT Ottignies WTT Ottignies
  • Bree - Rainwater filter Bree - Rainwater filter
  • Vereecke - Sugny Vereecke - Sugny

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