Installation of individual treatment plants from partners in Belgium

Type Size in PE (**) Type of tank Year of commissioning
50 PE max
2 installations (activated sludge) 5 and 8 3 HDPE tanks (Boralit) 2000 to 2014
3 installations 15 and 30 PE 3 HDPE tanks (Boralit) < 2002
10 installations 5 PE 1 concrete tank (Eloy) 2010 - 2014
100 PE max
Asquillies 100 PE 3 concrete tank (Eloy) 2011
Industrial Bio-rotor in Beringen 60 m3/day Corten MTI 2000 steel tank 2000
Bio-rotor + activated sludge in camping site 100 PE max Corten MTI 2000 steel tank + concrete 1998
4 start-up or rehabilitation of WWTP from partners 15 to 100 PE Concrete and Polyester 2000 to 2014

(*) In Germany, DIN or ATV norms can be used to guarantee European discharge norms (BOD < 25 mg/l, COD < 125 mg/l and suspended matters < 35 mg/l) after treatment of waste water.

(**) PE = Population Equivalent. In Belgium, the first figure corresponds to the pollutant load that guarantees the European Norms (application of German rules of calculation); the second figure corresponds to the pollutant load that guarantees the Wallonia or Flanders norms (depending on the region).

This list is not compete and confidential. Clients can't be contacted before agreement and intervention of Zuko. It includes installations by Zuko and by subcontractors.

In every case, Zuko has modified the existing sewerage network in order to allow a rational functioning of the treatment system. Preliminary design for sewerage has always been done by Zuko.

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