Types Location Year of commissioning
Equipment of a fountain with regulation Charleroi 2000
Supply of a level regulation system with membrane pumps, skimmer and spare parts Annaba - Algeria 2004
Design + reconditioning and start-up of the pH regulation system (micro-PLC LOGO) + regular maintenance SNCB - Labo 2005
Design + start-up of grease treatment system with bacteria's for chocolate factory Wavre 2003
Design and construction of concrete decanter with sludge scraper (diameter 16 m) for treatment of 700 m3/h roots wash water Oreye 2006
Supply of static decanter for flocculent mixing Oreye 2006
Supply and start-up of system for automatic powder flocculent Oreye 2006
Supply of pumps with eccentric screw for sludge with high level of clay Oreye 2006
Complete rehabilitation and start-up of a 1750 PE WWTP. Classical regulation with contactors and clock, replaced with micro-PLC's LOGO, including remote monitoring La Hulpe 2006 - 2007
Supply, installation and start-up of vertical screen - 30 m3/h La Hulpe 2007
Design, supply and start-up of treatment systems for waste water from olives packing plant with manual screening, sedimentation, degreasing, pH and salinity regulation as well as flow measurement Alleur 2011
2 m3 collecting tank for hazardous products Alleur 2011
Design + supply of customized collecting tank for hazardous products Wanlin 2010
Supply + start-up of motor for blower 1 000 m3/h La Hulpe 2013
Design, supply (materiel and products) and start-up for asbestos separation in asbestos removal - Berlaymont building Brussels 1999
Supply of products for asbestos removal in large buildings France 2000 - 2014
Complete renovation of electro-coagulation + screening with screws + sedimentation tanks + biological treatment with bio-rotors Beringen 1996

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